Flight Operations Office Flight Operations Office

Introduction of Flight Operation Office

Flight Operation Office


Flight Operation Office is one of the offices of Flight Standards Deputy and its main functions are as follows:

  • Monitoring utilization of owners of Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and or SPO and issuing, extending, suspending, revoking, and limiting the certificates by auditing the operators.
  • Examination and confirmation: Minimum Equipment List (MEL), Operating Manuals (OM).
  • Examination and Acceptance: Safety Management Manual (SMM), Quality Assurance Manual, Aircraft Operational Manuals (FCOM, QRH, …).
  • Ramp Inspection from Iranian (SANA) and Foreign (SAFA) Aircraft.
  • Issuing certificate for carrying dangerous goods.

The regulation CAOIRI Air OPS are the auditing criteria of the office.