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Accident Investigation Office Accident Investigation Office


Accid/ Incid investigation Office

Introduction of Accid/ Incid investigation Office

The Accid/Incid Investigation Office is a subsidiary of Head of Civil Aviation Organization, as the highest authority in the civil aviation industry. Based on approved procedure of cabinet in the year 1390, this office examines independently the accidents and incidents and airport occurrences and issues reports of conducted investigations with safety recommendations in order to prevent similar events in the future and is not involved in identifying the deficiencies of individuals or related offices. This office as member of safety commission of transportation of Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, registers information and reports of the investigations of air accidents and serious incidents of aircraft in the system of Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and findings, reflects weaknesses and shortcomings of the civil aviation industry to Ministry of Roads and Urban Development in order for making appropriate decisions. Responding to the ICAO accident investigation Panel and Assembly of Institutions for investigation of accidents of Middle East Regional Office is also considered as the other functions of the office.