Airports, Aviation Companies and Institutes Supervisory Office Airports, Aviation Companies and Institutes Supervisory Office

Supervisory Office for Airports, Aviation Companies & Institutes

The general office for Airports, Aviation Companies & Institutes


The office has direct supervision on the performance of airports, domestic & foreign airlines operating in the country, and air travel agencies which selling airlines' tickets.

So, all of the air travels in all stages from the starting time of buying tickets at any of the air travel agencies up to the passengers presence and check in at airports, and ultimately the transportation of passengers by each airline are overall supervised by the experts of the general office.

The main task of the office is development of airlines' flight network and distribution of flights in order to meet the air travel requirements of compatriots all over the country, while regarding the number of the active fleet and variety of aircraft models employed in each airline, and efforts have always been made so that the deprived areas and small airports benefit flight services as far as it is possible. Of other duties of the general office is monitoring the activities of air travel agencies receiving official licenses/ certificates from the civil aviation organization.

In case of any unlawful procedural action seen on the behalf of the agencies, legal measures will be made.

In order to increase the leisure of compatriots in providing quick and easy access to travel agencies, the office examines the requests of applicants for the establishment of air travel agencies. In case of approval of any of the requests, the certificate will be issued.

Examination of the causes of delays, preparation of airlines ranking reports, and their encouragement in reducing controllable factors have been resulted in an increase in passengers' satisfaction and more utility of the fleet.

The conducted economical studies based on the passenger transportation statistics ,the number of flights and hours flown, and the economical growth in the aviation industry can be a good guidance for many enthusiasts including investors.