Clients' Complaints and Performance Assessment Office Clients' Complaints and Performance Assessment Office



(A) Office of Performance Assessment:

In order for administrating the articles 81 and 82 of chapter XI of Civil Services Management Law and also implementing the imposed directives, the Performance Assessment Office plans to concentrate its organizational and employee system on the performance objectives so that the practical realization of organizational strategies can be assured.

The Office attempts to provide a link between organizational strategic objectives and performance improvement in order for assuring organizational achievements in realization of strategic objectives and boosting the effectiveness of task processes by continuous improvement of individual and group performance, and also focusing on the strengths and weaknesses.


B) Office of Inspections :)

This office performs its duties according to the articles of 91 and 92 of Civil Services Management Law, with the aim of creating a systematic mechanism for improving the inspections at the level of Civil Aviation Organization and having positive and constructive interactions with aviation institutions and regulatory authorities.

The objectives of the office include creation of an appropriate environment for promotion of adequacy and transparency in administrative system, prevention of corruption, and stymieing parallel activities in the relevant contexts.

 In this regard, it seems essential to utilize all capacities, managerial capabilities and industry expertise. Therefore, inspections as the integral part of management process play an increasing role in performing the sovereign duties. The office evaluates performance of other offices under the existing laws, regulations, rules, and standards, specifies any relevant discrepancies, and presents modifying solutions in order to resolve problem areas and assure the adequacy of the organization's administrative system.


(C) Office of Clients' Complaints:                                            

In order to honor and respect the rights of our compatriots and also to respond to the problems with passengers, clients and colleagues, the office always tries to take the satisfaction of our compatriots as a valuable resource.                                              

In this regard, the following contact ports have been established. Moreover, the office has been prepared to receive any sorts of complaints, criticisms, valuable suggestions, and acknowledgments of our employees serving in the air transportation industry.   



 0098 21 61022335

 0098 21 61022015


 0098 21 66025405


 1798 -13445

 Mail Box


 Postal Code


 0098 21 66078700 – 9

 (Internal No. :5)

 Internal Numbers:

 234 , 229, 233 , 241

 Automatic Responding Phone

 0098 21 66048007

 Management Telefax

 0098 21 66078720


 For any kinds of complaints, please refer to our website at and recieve a follow-up



 Office No.139, First floor, Civil Aviation Organization, Mehrabad Intl. Airport ,Tehran.


With the efforts of our employees and managers, we hope to take the effective steps in performing our duties.