Chabahar Airport is to become operational

Iranian Vice Minister of Roads and Urban Development and President of the Civil Aviation Organization declared the short-term operation of Chabahar Airport on September 17, 2020. 
Following his trip to Chabahar to have the issues concerning its airport resolved, Captain Zangene told the Islamic Republic of Iran News Network (IRINN), “The problems with Chabahar Airport were examined by a delegation from Iran’s Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, the relevant aerodrome operator and other local authorities. 
He stated that Chabahar Airport would become operational for a short term from Sept. 17, 2020, and added, “The airport is currently facing a number of problems, some of which will be solved by the affiliated organizations with the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development for the short term.”
Captain Zangene appreciated all the efforts made to this end and reiterated that Chabahar Airport had been provided to the commercial sector for the extension of Makran Coast and the region’s general growth and prosperity. 
“Some high-level meetings are going to be held next Saturday to make decisions for the mid-term and long-term status so that the problem could be entirely eliminated”, he was quoted as saying.
He also noted airlines must either refund all the passengers the price of the tickets they had booked in advance, or revalidate them for other trips, and the CAO's 24-hour customer service call center is available for any support or service issues.