CAO to resume Basic, Pilot Type Rating and Technical Examinations

Basic, Pilot Type Rating and Technical Examinations, which had been canceled for a while due to the Covid-19 pandemic, resume on September 28, 2020. 
The mentioned examinations will be administered in line with all the relevant health protocols, including the disinfection of the examination halls and obligation to wear a face mask at a one-quarter capacity of the examination halls.
It should be noted that under the standard procedures of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization Personnel Licensing department, candidates absent from the exams cannot take the following ones for a certain period of time. However, the ban period will be shortened for those having registered by Sept. 28, 2020, but cannot take the exams on Covid-19 grounds or concerns thereof.
It is noteworthy that one of the requirements for obtaining personnel (pilot) and operational maintenance licenses is to pass such exams, which are currently administered by the CAO.