In the name of God the Almighty


On the occasion of ICAO’s 76th anniversary, it is my great pleasure to take this opportunity to personally congratulate you. While I underline the significance of the status of our country as one of the first signatories to the Chicago Convention, I believe celebration of the International Civil Aviation Day will serve to give more significance to the civil aviation industry in the world.  

Due to the global pandemic, I have been deprived of the opportunity to meet my colleagues at civil aviation organization and congratulate them in person this year. As the civil aviation community has been hit by the covid-19 crisis, I decided to choose this medium to extend my congratulations on the 76th anniversary of ICAO to each and every one of you who, in spite of all the hardships, have consecrated yourselves to service to the country and improvement of its aviation industry through self-sacrifice and empathy in order to show the authority and strength of the Islamic Iran to the world. I appreciate your efforts and passion.

At various periods of time, the Civil Aviation Organization, as the representative of the government and the symbol of sovereignty in the country's aviation industry, has relied on the capable hands of its experts to lead and direct this highly sophisticated and colossal industry.

Of the long list of services rendered by these experts’ capable hands, I can name only a few such as: countering the severe and cowardly sanctions of the enemies, authoritative presence in international communities, protection of the rights of the country's aviation industry, strict monitoring of the principles of flight safety and security and now, with the outbreak of Covid-19 and its impact on the world aviation industry and consequently, the country's aviation industry: interaction with ICAO and its regional office regarding the control of the impact of the Covid-19, and application of ICAO’s guidelines as well as those issued by the National Headquarters for Fighting the Coronavirus with the objective of maintenance of public health and safety in flights .

Now that the Civil Aviation Organization, being able to discharge its main duty – namely, technical, economic and commercial planning as well as policy-making for the country's civil aviation - has proved capable of providing regular, safe and economical transport for the general public, I feel an overpowering urge to genuinely appreciate all the domestic airlines, handling companies, aircraft repair and maintenance centres, training institutions, knowledge-based companies and all the hardworking people in this industry who assist and accompany us despite the adverse circumstances.

Dear colleagues! I am confident that the honorable people of our country will not forget your efforts in these difficult days, and the sacrifices you make in maintaining and promoting this industry will go down as a golden page in the history of our country.

On this auspicious day, while we reaffirm our commitment to serve people and foster development of our country, I wish to ask you - the experts and supporters of this industry, who have risen in the path of progress and have raised the fame of our country with your expertise, diligence, attentiveness, and support – to strive to further develop the industry by putting hope, unity and empathy at the forefront.

As it happens, the Students Day has coincided with the International Civil Aviation Day. This coincidence is a blissful one and I seize this opportunity to congratulate aviation students who will be the future leaders of the industry. I also extend my congratulations and gratitude to all the stakeholders of aviation industry, especially the entire staff of our organization, retired and working, who keep the wheels of aviation industry turning to provide us with safe, fast, orderly and reliable services.

I pray to God Almighty for our holy country and for the bright and glorious days of our aviation industry.